Bonus and Free Spin Slots

Most online slot games have extra features that win you free spins, extra credits or coins and bonus prizes. Game rules explain the conditions to be met in order to win these features. This is where games based on pure chance meet skill games because you need a certain level of skill and experience to win the extra bonus and free spin features.

Where To Find Bonus and Free Spin Slots

Slot GameMin PlayMin Play For JackpotMax JackpotPlayable At Any:
Adventures in Orbit Video Slot3p63p10,000 creditsCassava 888 Holdings Casinos
Aladdin's Lamp Online Casino Slot20p£15,000 times your betGamesys Casinos
Alley Cats Multi-line Video Slot1p9p100,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Amazing Circus Slot10p10px300 stakeNYX Interactive Casinos
Arabian Nights Progressive Online Video Slot50p£5Progressive JackpotNet Entertainment Casinos
Astro City Slot10p£1x3000 stakeNYX Interactive Casinos
Atlantis Slot10p10px300 stakeNYX Interactive Casinos
Avalon Freeroll Slot Tournament0p0p$300 prize poolMicrogaming Casinos
Avalon Online Casino Slot1p20p£15,000Microgaming Casinos
Baywatch Heatwave 5-Reel Slots5p£2.25£25,000Wager Works Casinos
Beauty Salon10p£1x300 stakeNYX Interactive Casinos
Big Break Video Slot1p15p75,000 creditsMicrogaming Casinos
Big Kahuna Feature Slots1p45p8,000 times your betMicrogaming Casinos
Big Kahuna Snakes and Ladders Video Slot1p15p82,500 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Big Top Online Video Slot10p£22000 coinsSt.Minver / Parlay Slots Casinos
Blonde Legend Video Slot3p23p1,500 creditsCassava 888 Holdings Casinos
Board Babe Multi-Payline Slots1p9p2,500 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Bomber Girls Online Video Slot1p20p85,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Boogie Monsters 5-Reel Slots1p40p5,000 times your betMicrogaming Casinos
Break da Bank Again Multi-Coin Slot1p9p93,750 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Bust Da Safe Multi-Payline Slots1p20p2,500 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Cash 'n' Curry 3-Reel Online Slot10p£10£20,000Microgaming Casinos
Cashanova 5-Reel Feature Slot1p£315,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Cashapillar Video Slot1p£18,000,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Cashville 5Reel Feature Slots1p£2500,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Celtic Crown Multi Coin Slot1p25p156,250 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Chocolate Factory 5 Reel Online Slots5p£2.258,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Cinerama 5 Reel 5 Line Progressive Slot5p25pProgressivePlaytech Casinos
City Life Video Slot3p50p1,500 creditsCassava 888 Holdings Casinos
Cleopatra 5-Reel Slots5p£1£50,000Wager Works Casinos
Cluedo 5-Reel Slots5p£3.75£25,000Wager Works Casinos
Computer Rage Slots1p£55000 times your betWagerlogic Casinos
Cool Bananas Multi-Payline Slots1p9p2,500 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Crazy Dragon Progressive Slot£1.27£1.5Progressive JackpotReal Time Gaming Casinos
Crusaders of Fortune Online Video Slot1p20p550,000 coins!Net Entertainment Casinos
Curry in a Hurry Multi-Coin Bonus Slot1p25p90,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Da Vinci Diamonds Video Slot1p20p250,000 coinsWager Works Casinos
Days of the Tsar Slot1p20p180,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Deal or No Deal Online Video Slot5p£1ProgressiveVirtue Fusion Casinos
Desert Treasure 5 Reel 20 Line Slot1p20p10,000 times your betPlaytech Casinos
Devils Delight Online Video Slot1p20p200,000 coinsNet Entertainment Casinos
Diamond Valley 5 Reel 5 Line Progressive Slot£1£5Progressive JackpotPlaytech Casinos
Dino Delight Video Slots1p£510,000 times your betWagerlogic Casinos
Dog Father 5-Reel Feature Slot1p£113,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Double Bubble Slot1p20p20,000 times your betGamesys Casinos
Double O’Cash Multi-Coin Slot1p20p100,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Double Panda Multi-Line Video Slot1p25p10,000 times your betWagerlogic Casinos
Dr Lovemore 5 Reel 20 Line Slot1p20p10,000 times your betPlaytech Casinos
Dynamite Diggers1p£15,000Virtue Fusion Casinos
Elvis A Little More Action Video Slot1p50p1,000 coinsWager Works Casinos
Enchanted Beans Multi-Line Video Slot1p30p5,000 times your betWagerlogic Casinos
Enchanted Unicorn Slot1p£1£65,500Wager Works Casinos
Excalibur Online Video Slot10p£2120,000 coinsNet Entertainment Casinos
Family Fortunes Online Casino Bonus Slot5p25p10,000 coinsGamesys Casinos
Field of Green 5-Reel Slots1p10p8,000 times your betReal Time Gaming Casinos
First Past the Post Multi-Coin Video Slot1p25p40,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Fishy Fortune Progressive Online Video Slot10p£1Progressive JackpotNet Entertainment Casinos
Flower Power Video Slot3p38p1,500 creditsCassava 888 Holdings Casinos
Football Rules 5 Reel 25 Line Progressive1p25pProgressivePlaytech Casinos
Fortune Temple Slot1p25p10,000 times your betGamesys Casinos
Freaky Fruit Video Slot3p23p2,500 creditsCassava 888 Holdings Casinos
Fruit Mania 5 Reel 5 Line Progressive Slot25p£1.25ProgressivePlaytech Casinos
Fruit Party Multi-Payline Slots1p20p2,500 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Geisha Wonders Progressive Online Video Slot1p30pProgressive JackpotNet Entertainment Casinos
Get Cracking Video Slot5p45p2500 coinsSt.Minver / Parlay Slots Casinos
Gladiator Feature Bonus Slot1p50p50,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Global Traveler 5 Reel 20 Line Slot1p20p30,000 times your betPlaytech Casinos
Goanna Gold Multi-Payline Slots1p9p20,000 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Gold Rally 8 Line Video Slots Progressive£2£16Progressive jackpotPlaytech Casinos
Golden Balls Online Slot1p20p10,000 coinsGamesys Casinos
Golden Tour 5 Reel 5 Line Slot1p5p2,000 times your betPlaytech Casinos
Graveyard Bash Multi-Payline Slots1p20p2,500 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Gypsy Queen Multi-Coin Online Video Slot1p20p60,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Haunted Mansion10p10px300 stakeNYX Interactive Casinos
Hillbilly Haven Slot10p10px300NYX Interactive Casinos
Hitman Online Video Slot1p£34,000 times your betMicrogaming Casinos
Ho Ho Ho Feature Slots1p50p15,000 times your betMicrogaming Casinos
Hollywood Reels Online Slot5p45p25,000 coinsSt.Minver / Parlay Slots Casinos
Hot Roller Multi-Payline Slots1p9p4,500 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Houdini Online Slot1p25p10,000 coinsGamesys Casinos
Icy Wonders Progressive Online Video Slot1p30pProgressive JackpotNet Entertainment Casinos
IRIS 3000 Progressive Slot25p75pProgressiveReal Time Gaming Casinos
Iron Man Marvel Comic Progressive Jackpot Slot1p25pProgressive jackpotWagerlogic Casinos
It’s Good To Be Bad Progressive Slot£1.25£3.75ProgressiveReal Time Gaming Casinos
Jackpot 6000 Online Slot1p5p6,000 coinsNet Entertainment Casinos
Jackpot Piñatas Progressive£1.25£2.5Progressive JackpotReal Time Gaming Casinos
Jeopardy 5-Reel Slots5p£2.25£25,000Wager Works Casinos
Jewel Quest Video Slot£1£12,000 times your betWagerlogic Casinos
K9 Capers Video Slot1p30p36,000 creditsMicrogaming Casinos
King Cashalot 5 Reel Slot5p£2.25ProgressiveMicrogaming Casinos
King Kong Online Video Slot1p25p7,500 coinsWagerlogic Casinos
King Tuts Fortune Multi-Payline Slots1p20p2,500 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Knights & Maidens Video Slot3p23p5,000 creditsCassava 888 Holdings Casinos
Ladies Night Feature Slots1p45p10,000 times your betMicrogaming Casinos
Lady Of The Orient Feature Slots1p£25,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Las Vegas Dreams Online Casino Slot1p45p5000 times your betGamesys Casinos
Light Speed Progressive 3-Reel Slot£1.25£3.75Progressive JackpotReal Time Gaming Casinos
Little Chief Big Cash 5-Reel Bonus Slot1p25p160,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Loaded 5-Reel Feature Slots1p£47,000 times your betMicrogaming Casinos
Lucky News Network Online Video Slot Machine1p20p65,700 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Magic Man Multi-Payline Slots1p9p12,500 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Magic Slots-3-Reel Progressive25p75pProgressive JackpotPlaytech Casinos
Mardi Gras Fever Video Slot1p20p200,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Mark of Medusa 5-Reel Multi-Coin Slot1p25p150,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Mega Moolah Progressive Video Slot20p£3ProgressiveMicrogaming Casinos
Mermaids Millions Online Casino Slot1p15p£37,500Microgaming Casinos
Mid-Life Crisis 5-Reel Progressive Slot£1.25£5.6ProgressiveReal Time Gaming Casinos
Millionaire's Lane 5 Reel 20 Line Slot1p20p50,000 times your betPlaytech Casinos
Monopoly Here and Now Slot1p£1£25,000Wager Works Casinos
Monopoly with Pass “GO” Bonus Slot5p£2.25£25,000Wager Works Casinos
Moonshine Online Casino Slot1p25p£160,000Microgaming Casinos
My Slot Create Your Own Slot1p5p150,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Mystery of the Tarot Video Slot3p23p2,500 creditsCassava 888 Holdings Casinos
Native Treasure Multi-Line Video Slot1p25p5,000 times your betWagerlogic Casinos
No Worries Online Slot Machine1p9p5,000 times your betMicrogaming Casinos
Pacific Attack Online Video Slot1p15p550,000 coins!Net Entertainment Casinos
Paradiso Slot10p10px100 stakeNYX Interactive Casinos
Paris Beauty 5-Reel Slots1p10p4,500 times your betReal Time Gaming Casinos
Party Chicks10p10px300 stakeNYX Interactive Casinos
Path of the Penguin Video Slot1p25p6,000 times your betMicrogaming Casinos
Piggy Payback Multi-Payline Slots1p9p5,000 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Pirates Plunder Slot1p9p10,000 times your betGamesys Casinos
Pirates Treasure Trove Slot10p10px300 stakeNYX Interactive Casinos
Pirate’s Gold Online Slot10p90p5,000 coinsNet Entertainment Casinos
Play Your Cards Right Video Slot10p£4.5£12,500Wager Works Casinos
Polar Bash 5-Reel Multi-Coin Slot1p20p120,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Porky Payout Online Casino Slot1p20p£150,000Microgaming Casinos
Predator Multi-Payline Slots1p9p10,000 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Press Your Luck 5-Reel Slots5p£1.25£25,000Wager Works Casinos
Prime Property Feature Online Slots1p£212,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Pub Slot Classic Online Casino Slot20p£3400 times your betGamesys Casinos
Quest for Beer Video Slot1p25p50,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Quest of Kings Multi-Line Video Slot1p25p8,000 times your betWagerlogic Casinos
Rainbow’s End Online Video Slot1p25p50,000 creditsMicrogaming Casinos
Rajah’s Rubies Slots1p£510000 times your betWagerlogic Casinos
Reel Steal Online Video Slot1p9p375,000Net Entertainment Casinos
Relic Raiders Online Video Slot1p50p200,000 coinsNet Entertainment Casinos
Rockstar Riches Slot10p10px300NYX Interactive Casinos
Rough Rugby Video Slot5p38p20,000 creditsCassava 888 Holdings Casinos
Santa Paws Feature Online Slot Machine1p£24,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Santastic Video Slot3p38p4,000 creditsCassava 888 Holdings Casinos
Saturday Night Fever Online Video Slots1p20p2,500 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Shake N Bake Slot10p10px100NYX Interactive Casinos
Shipwreck Multi-Payline Slots1p20p2,500 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Shiver Me Feathers Video Slot1p25p150,000 creditsMicrogaming Casinos
Shopping Spree Progressive Slot£1.25£5.5ProgressiveReal Time Gaming Casinos
Shopping Spree Slots10p10px300 stakeNYX Interactive Casinos
Silent Samurai Novel Slots Collection1p9p5,000 times your betPlaytech Casinos
Silver City Multi-Payline Slots1p9p1,000 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Sir Winsalot Multi-Coin Video Slot1p20p75,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Skeet Shooter Online Slot10p90p10,000 times your betNet Entertainment Casinos
Spellcast Online Video Slot2p40p10,000 times your betNet Entertainment Casinos
Spiderman Marvel Jackpot Slot1p25pProgressive JackpotWagerlogic Casinos
Spinning for Gold Slot1p9p10,000 times your betGamesys Casinos
Spring Break Feature Slots1p45p10,000 times your betMicrogaming Casinos
Star Appeal Online Video Slot Machine1p30p25,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Stash of the Titans Online Video Slot1p20p£40,000Microgaming Casinos
Strike It Lucky Slot1p20pProgressive JackpotGamesys Casinos
Sudoku Online Video Slot£1£48000 times your betWagerlogic Casinos
Super Lucky Frog Progressive Online Video Slot1p25pProgressive JackpotNet Entertainment Casinos
Sure Win Multi-line Video Slot1p25p560,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Swamp of Fortune Video Slot3p50p5,000 creditsCassava 888 Holdings Casinos
Tales of Krakow Online Video Slot1p30p7,500 coinsNet Entertainment Casinos
Tarot Treasure Slots10p10px300 stakeNYX Interactive Casinos
Texas Tea 5-Reel Slots5p£2.25£50,000Wager Works Casinos
The 50,000 Pyramid Slot1p75p£50,000Wager Works Casinos
The Adventures of Galactic Gopher Video Slot1p30p£7,500Microgaming Casinos
The Fantastic Four Marvel Jackpot Slot1p25p£25,000Wagerlogic Casinos
The Gee Gees AWP Fruit Machine10p10p20,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
The Godfather Online Video Slot1p20p2,500 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
The Incredible Hulk - Ultimate Revenge Slots1p£1.255000 times your betWagerlogic Casinos
The Osbournes Slot1p20p15,000 times your betMicrogaming Casinos
The Price is Right with Plinko Slot5p£2.25£2,400Wager Works Casinos
The Submariner Marvel Hero Jackpot Video Slot1p25pProgressive jackpotWagerlogic Casinos
The Terminator Online Video Slot1p20p10,000 creditsParty Gaming Casinos
Three Reel Hold-Up Slot5p75p£1,000Wager Works Casinos
Thunderstruck Freeroll Slot Tournament0p0p$50 prize poolMicrogaming Casinos
Tiki Island Slot1p20p10,000 times your betGamesys Casinos
Tiki Treasure Slots10p10px300NYX Interactive Casinos
Tiki Wonders Progressive Online Video Slot1p30pProgressive jackpotNet Entertainment Casinos
Tomb Raider Freeroll Slot Tournament0p0p$50 prize poolMicrogaming Casinos
Tombraider Secret of the Sword Video Slot Updated Version1p30p72,000 creditsMicrogaming Casinos
Top Gun Online Video Slot1p20p10,000 creditsParty Gaming Casinos
Treasure Ireland Pub Style Fruit Machine10p10p500 times your betMicrogaming Casinos
Treasures of the Deep Multi-Payline Slots1p9p10,000 times your betParty Gaming Casinos
Trolling For Treasure Online Video Slot5p45p10,000 coinsSt.Minver / Parlay Slots Casinos
Tycoon Progressive Classic Online Casino Slot25p75pProgressiveGamesys Casinos
Vegas Baby Online Video Slot1p20p50,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Voodoo Vibes Online Video Slot1p25p7,500 coinsNet Entertainment Casinos
Wall Street Fever 5 Reel 5 Line Progressive Slot10p50pProgressivePlaytech Casinos
What On Earth 5-Reel Feature Slots1p45p37,500 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Wheel of Fortune Hollywood Edition Online Slot5p£2.25£50,000Wager Works Casinos
Wheel of Fortune Triple Action Frenzy Slot1p75p£25,000Wager Works Casinos
Wheel of Wealth Feature Online Slots£1£35000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Wheel of Wealth Special Edition Slots Game1p£2.5100,000 coinsMicrogaming Casinos
Wild Spirit Novel Slots Collection1p20p5,000 times your betPlaytech Casinos
Wild West Online Slot10p90p10,000 times your betNet Entertainment Casinos
Witch Doctor Feature Slots1p£45,000 times your betMicrogaming Casinos
You Lucky Barstard UK Pub Style Slot10p10p100 times your betMicrogaming Casinos
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