Harrah's A Legacy In The Casino Industry

Harrah's is certainly one of the largest casino operators globally, they own fifty properties in this industry, on five continents and these are all familiar brands does Ballys, Horseshoe, London Clubs International, Caesars, Harrah's, WSOP ring any bells with you? This company has been in operation for 74 years and has been firm advocate, supporting regulation for online gambling in the US. They have now got their wish, if only in a small way, and as online gambling has been made legal in New Jersey, we would be very surprised if the Harrah's brand was not first off the ground with their offering to the public. The brand, under "Caesars" already offers online bingo and a casino to the UK and European market, and while this operation will not be allowed to offer services to New Jersey residents, an online casino with servers based in Atlantic City, can.

It would be a matter of mere logistics to get a casino site of the ground for Harrah's, so keep your eyes peeled for the action, it won't be long coming!

One can presume that poker will also be coming to your nearest NJ Harrah's online outlet, as well as all the other gambling for real prize money games players know and love so well. The online gambling regulations for New Jersey will make Atlantic City a new licensing jurisdiction which should bring some much needed revitalization to the gambling industry in this state.

Continuing evolution, innovation, diversification, customer service and social responsibility are the name of the game for Harrah's and all of their operations encompass the tenet "where adventure and luxury come together". We are looking forward to a top-notch, state-of-the-art product from this operator when they go online in NJ, and have a feeling we won't have to wait very long for it.
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